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two shelves that have different types of liquor on them, one with the word bar written on it
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a kitchen with an island made out of wine barrels
Whiskey Themed Kitchen with Barrels and a Concrete Countertop - Concrete Decor
the bar is made out of logs and has three stools in front of it
the inside of a liquor store with lots of bottles on shelves and stools in front of it
Behold a 'Local' Luxury Starbucks in Austin
there are six bottles with lights in them hanging on the wall next to a brick wall
18 New & Creative DIY Glass Bottle Crafts That Are Worth Seeing
an outdoor table with ice and beer bottles in it
Build a Patio Cooler Table with Built-In Ice Boxes
beer bottles are sitting on top of ice in a tray
9 Idées Géniales pour Customiser un Bar Extérieur en Palette