Life is unpredictable.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

9 Types of Dreams You Have and The Actual Dream Meaning.

"Life is unpredictable, it changes with the seasons, even your coldest winter happens for the best of reasons. And though it feels eternal like all you'll ever do is freeze, I promise spring is coming and with it, brand new leaves.

Charles Bukowski, from The Pleasures Of The Damned

My thunder starts quietly, until you feel it quaking in the core of your very soul with its rumble.

'Nobody But You' by Charles Bukowski. "Nobody can save you but yourself...Your spiritual self. Your gut self. Your magical singing self"

'Nobody But You' by Charles Bukowski. Get to know yourself absent of possessions., professions, other people. Who are you and how do you treat yourself? Is the real you enough to save yourself?