stabilized lichens

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the number six made out of moss on top of a book at a wedding reception
Inspiração: Ideias para Marcadores de Mesa
two people holding a frame with moss in it
DIY Moss Frames
a green and white wall hanging with a tree on it's side, surrounded by grass
a woman holding up a piece of wood that has a tree on it and broccoli in the middle
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a christmas wreath with ornaments and deer on it
Inspiring Christmas Wreaths Ideas Best For Your Front Door Decor
a bonsai tree in a glass vase on a wooden table
45 Small Indoor Plants for Tiny House -
some white candles are sitting on moss in a wooden tray that is filled with water
Spring Decorations: Centerpieces
a piece of wood with moss and white flowers on it in a wooden frame hanging on the wall
Moss Frames