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an old black and white photo of a large building under construction in the city with lots of trees around it
新宿歴史博物館 データベース 写真で見る新宿 | 角筈ガード 東口側入り口 | 6924
1980s, Scene, Art, Tokyo Japan, Modern Japan, Renoir, Japanese Culture
workers are working on the train tracks as it is being moved away from the station
マツダのオート三輪 on Twitter
a green train traveling down tracks next to tall buildings in a city with lots of windows
an aerial view of some very tall buildings in the city with cars driving on the road
韓国人「1970年~1979年までの東京の風景を見てみよう」 : カイカイ反応通信
an aerial view of a city with buses and buildings
people are waiting for the train to arrive at the station in this black and white photo
新横浜駅って田舎すぎない??田舎者の俺が思ってた横浜と違うんだが : 哲学ニュースnwk
an aerial view of a large building in the middle of a city with lots of buildings around it
an old black and white photo of cars on a busy street in the 1950's
上野 珈琲 「王城」 高級喫茶「古城」 カフェブックマーク - GONZO SHOUTS
Street View, Middle, Landmarks
Home, Internet, Movie Theater, Life Photo, Oldies
a green train traveling past tall buildings and pink flowers in the foreground on a cloudy day
cars and trucks are driving on the street under an overpass with billboards in the background
中井かんいち on X
people are playing basketball in the city center
はにーさん on Twitter