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* Rochia sau ie din voal de matase naturala si hainuta brodata cu motive traditionale romanesti. Preturi: Ie simpla 375 lei, Rochie scurta 695 lei, Rochie lunga 895 lei, Jacheta (lungima din imagin…

Romanian Ensemble    The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York   Costume Institute     Date: 19th century    Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1908

La blouse roumaine

Cămăși și costume tradiționale românești din colecțiile The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, British Museum, Horniman Museum and Gardens....

Port popular românesc din Tincova

Port popular românesc din Tincova

"PORT DIN TINCOVENI - TINCOVA" - "Port bănăţenesc din Tincoveni (Caraş-Severin)" - Carte poștală editată de Editura Ios. Drotleff, Sibiu (circa 1925). Menţiunea "... din Tincoveni" presupun că nu este corectă! În Caraş-Severin găsim doar localitatea Tincova.

Romania, woman's ensemble, cotton, silk, wool, 19th c

Dress | Romanian | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met Collection API is where all makers, creators, researchers, and dreamers can now connect to the most up-to-date data and images for more than 470,000 artworks in The Met collection. As part of

Romanian Women's costume, county of Sibiu, zone Rupea;  White linen underskirt (poale) with a row of embroidery on hem and edged with white crochet lace. Gathered front apron (Şorţ ) made of blue fabric and edged with black crochet lace on the side edges and a black silk frnge on the hem. Back apron (catrinţă) is a single width of black woven material with horizontal woven stripes in red and gold thread, with interleaved floral embroidered motifs in red and blue. edged with black crochet…

Romanian costume parade - Rupea

The Eliznik website is dedicated to the study of the traditional peasant culture in Romanian and Bulgaria

Ie Romaneasca Aurelia | Chic Roumaine

Ie românească cu mânecă lungă, brodată manual pe panză topită din bumbac 100%, un material foarte subțire și transparet,soft-crep, ușor și moale. Gulerul este încrețit la baza gâtului pe bentiță, iar mânecile se strâng la incheietură cu manșete. Broderia este realizată cu fir de bumbac 100% de

Romanian peasant dress, fourth quarter 19th century, Romanian, cotton, wool, metal, wool, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Celebrating the common man (and what he and she wore) - The Dreamstress

Next fortnight’s challenge in the Historical Sew Fortnightly is Peasants and Pioneers. It’s all about making clothes for the lower classes – the most common group, but also the ones whose clothes were the least documented, and the least likely to to have survived. I’ve got a serious soft spot for the clothing of the lower classes across almost all periods. They may not be as bright or sparkly as the clothing of the upper classes, but they often managed a restraint and elegance that the…

Romanian Women's costume from county of Sibiu  Blouse (ie) made of white cotton, decorated with black embroidery called Punctul 'Ciocănele'  which gives the appearance of vertical bands of  black braid on the sleeves and front of the blouse.

Romanian costume parade - Sibiu

The Eliznik website is dedicated to the study of the traditional peasant culture in Romanian and Bulgaria

Port popular din Banat (4)

Port popular din Banat (4)

Carte poștală "Magyar népviselet a Bánátban. Román Barátnök - Ungarische Typen aus dem Banat. Rumänische Freundinnen" - trad.: "Portul popular maghiar din Banat [sic]. Prietene românce". Edit. "Photobromüra" Temesvár. Circulată cu poşta de campanie.