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Ahri - League of Legends by AxainKris skin concept

Just a drawing of Ahri (League Of Legends) with a different skin to the existing. Ahri - League of Legends

League of Legends art :: skin idea for Karma before her rework :: sigh- I miss those fans...

Mi rajada mente — Hextech League of Legends Champions ~by Gunnar

Deep Terror Kha'zix concept [League of Legends] by on @deviantART

League of Legends Khazix Deep Terror Skin Art Gevurah_studios High Resolution

ArtStation - Jade Palace Orianna, Thomas Randby

"ArtStation - Jade Palace Orianna" by Thomas Randby.

Da Ji Ahri LOL by nguyenvl08

Da Ji Ahri by - league of legends skin concept

Orianna by Erina

Orianna Fanart by Erina - League of Legends Wallpapers

Lulu, The little Poros' keeper by on @deviantART ... I have been brainstorming Lulu and Sejuani Poro skins and so have others, but this is the first one I have seen done so beautifully! League of Legends

Awesome Lulu fan art - Lulu The poro shepherd

Orianna! A little different than her theme, but awesome and could be an awesome skin, nonetheless:]

This is some amazing Orianna Skin idea!

League of legends - Evil Queen Cass by ~limsh on deviantART

lol-skin-ideas: “ League of legends - Evil Queen Cass by limsh ”

Sea Witch Nami by ~Shockowaffel on deviantART

Sea Witch Nami by ~Shockowaffel on deviantART By the way - this is inspired by a game character called Nami that is usually a proper mermaid. Love the goth twist on her though!