Livestock buildings- Sheep, Swine, Poultry

From dairy barns to calving facilities, Accu-Steel livestock hoop buildings are your number one choice for increased productivity for your farming operation…
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an ad for accu - steel lambing barn, with sheep in the pen
Accu-Steel Fabric Covered Lambing Barn
It is important to have some sort of sheep housing on your farm to allow a safe and controlled environment for your flock. If you live in a place with mild weather conditions, it is common to have a simple structure for lambing or when your flock needs to take shelter. For farms located in places with more severe weather conditions, we suggest a more elaborate shelter that can provide for all the needs of your sheep while still keeping them in an open and comfortable environment.
an advertisement for accusteel steel structures for any application, featuring sheep in a pen
Sheep Building - Fabric Covered Building
While it may be more natural to keep sheep outdoors, there is always the risk of severe weather conditions. Overall, you don’t want to take a hit to your profits and a healthy herd by risking your sheep living outside. Our buildings: -Provide Natural Light -Have Quality Ventilation -Protect Flock From the Elements -Durable Enough to Withstand Heavy Storms -Have a Variety of Styles and Floor Plans to fit Your Flock’s Needs