Inktober Challenge, day 14 sketch ..Today's prompt is "Tree" .. I drew a deer again because they are awesome .. About the tree house, I live in Cairo .. one of the most polluted cities in the world .. air, water, sound pollution .. every sort, you name it .. and this makes me hope for a day when we give full consideration to nature as our primary "home" and build our houses and communities accordingly .. hope that it's not too late .. Worldwide, we already destroyed much of our hom...

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Acrylic on canvas,24 × 30 centimeters.A custom gift for a person who is a lover of Blue color and the night .. What if there is some magical tree that blooms vibrant blue, lilac and purple flowers at night, and it extends its giving branches for the passerby .. Wouldn't it be lovely!! 

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Inktober Challenge, Day 16 Artwork ..I missed working with brushes, and today's prompt is "wet" .. So I did ink washes with watercolor brush .. While working on this drawing I recalled Bruce Lee's Beautiful quote:"Water can flow and it can crash. Become like water my friend."To resilience .. And to the good people who extend a helping hand to the troubled .. Any comment or feedback is very appreciated .. Thank you for reading .. 

May thoughts escape the cages of the mind ..Inktober challenge, Day 18 .. ink washes with watercolor brush on 100 gm paper .. and today's prompt is "Escape"let me know what you think ..Thank you for reading ..

To show support to the honorable efforts exerted by people to maintain and preserve nature, I humbly ask you, to accept this design as a gift, print it on canvas, T-shirts,bags or whatever .. present it as a gift to someone .. suit yourselves…

colors of the universe: Cocoon.

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