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an outdoor living area with wooden flooring and stairs
An Impressive Multigenerational Home That Blurs Indoor + Outdoor Living
the house is surrounded by trees and bushes
Brimar House by Michael Ong Design Office - Issue 07 Feature - The Local Project
an instagramted photo of a house with stone walls and lights on the outside
Purist Paradise (Published 2013)
an exterior view of a house with stone walls and plants in the foreground,
Native House - Picture gallery 1
the stone walkway is lined up against the building's roof and sidewalls
Tensile fabric roof stretches over bamboo screens at Raleigh Campsite in China
a modern house with wooden slats on the front and side walls, in an urban setting
Luxurious home designed with entertaining in mind
the building has wooden slats on it's sides and windows that are open to let in light
House in Isfahan / Logical Process in Architectural Design Office
the entrance to an office building with wooden slats on the wall and palm trees in the foreground
MME House 3307: a contemporary multifamily home in Ambato, Ecuador by ORCA Design
several windows with plants growing in them on the side of a white building's wall
Wallace Hotel - Picture gallery 2
an aerial view of a garden with a fountain and water feature in the center, surrounded by greenery
Hawthorne House 01 | CG Design Studio
a modern house with black and white balconies on the front door, surrounded by stone walls
Bellevue Hill House by Geoform Design Architects | Detached houses
an open window on the side of a building with plants growing out of it's windows
Gallery of “Double Side”- Shimigiah Residential Apartment / Ashari Architects - 32