Parliament Palace - In the center of Bucharest, near Piata Unirii (Union Plazza), the tourist can see the world's second largest building (after the US Pentagon), formerly named "Casa Poporului" (People's House). Old Center - A part of the city's historical heart was not demolished by Nicolae Ceausescu.

World’s Most Impressive Buildings - World’s Largest Civilian Administrative Building, World’s Most Expensive Administrative Building and World’s Heaviest Building - Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania


The Palace of Parliament is located in the capital of Romania, Bucharest.The second largest building in the world after Pentagon, and the heaviest building in the world.

Castelul Bran in Bran

“Inside of Bran Castle, commonly known as DRACULA Castle Romania 🇷🇴”

Souvenir of Castelul Bran Transylvania (Castle Dracula) on Etsy, $18.00

A totally unique souvenir wall hanging from the Castle Dracula Bran Romania.

Castelul Peles - Sinaia, Romania

Peles Castle, Romania, Castles, Chateaus, Forts