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100 Star Wars vehicles from the films, TV shows, and video games. Awesome illustrations!
OMG! Beautiful! <3 #Knockout
TFP - Ratchet,Knockout by on @deviantART
TFP-great papa (2) by ~evilwinnie on deviantART
After a long and ferocious battle, soundwave with his keen hearing heard a lazer fire. Sound wave turned around to see, his master with a deep hole leaking energon, in his chest cavity. Sound wave reached out his hand.... And megatron wasn't moving... Soundwave, was upset... That his master, was like a best friend than truly a master..... Sound wave cried ever so silently and whisper to his dead masters ear "I will avenge you, even if it kills me..."........
Soundwave, Raf and Bumblbee by on @deviantART
Okay now I'm in love with him
Prime Arcee by zgul-osr1113 on deviantART
I love this Soundwave art!!