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some people are like clouds when they disappear, it's a beautiful day
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a man and woman kissing in front of a car with the words, he not only had
Sweet Moans ❤
Show him, Elena!!!!
there is a sign that says life is about choices where would you go?
two men standing next to each other in front of a black and white poster with the words keep calm and let's appreciate the beauty of the salvador brothers
Damon Salvatore has my heart.......
The Salvatore Brothers
a woman talking on a cell phone next to a window with the caption'how was the number one? '
Stefan Elena
a man laying on the ground next to a motorcycle with flames coming out of it
When Stefan lost his memory
some cartoon characters are talking to each other
Twilight ep.10: Vampires Diaries by daekazu on DeviantArt
Vampires Diaries vs Twiligt: Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore vs Edawrd Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black
a poster that says, keep calm i hid their shirts
I'm indifferent on the second two, tho I love Stephans rose tattoo lol, but we should just burn all of Damon's shirts lmao!
a shirtless young man holding his arm up in the air
Paul Wesley Shirtless - - Shirtless Male Celebs
I'm team Damon, but still...
a shirtless man holding a wine glass in his right hand and looking at the camera
A Tribute to Stefan Salvatore, the Vampire With a Heart of Gold
Stefan Salvatore | Paul Wesley
a shirtless man laying in bed with his arms crossed and looking at the camera
Under Construction | Best Seller
Paul Wesley
a shirtless man holding a glass standing in front of a book shelf with books on it
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so addicted to this show..
a shirtless man holding his hand on his head while standing in front of a mirror
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Paul Wesley everybody!