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And this tiny kitten with perfect paws. | 27 Cat Pictures Because Life Is Literally Just Terrible

And this tiny kitten with perfect paws.

"Inside every small kitten there is a BIG cat waiting to leap out!"

Let your dreams change reality . Don't let reality change your dreams. Always see yourself greatness.

Cute eyes more like I love this. Can't say NO                                                                                                                                                      More

We need to stop crulty and donate to any animal shelters if u can even if it's a penny so they can stop killing and can save more animals and the animals have a good home and a better life give them a chance to live

Я обернулся вслед девушке и столкнулся со взглядом кота, которого она прихватила с собою. «Ну, что уставился, сэр?» - молчаливо вопрошал меня черный котяра.   (Лев Портной, "Копенгагенский разгром")

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We Surrender to Belly Rubs! - 14th July 2014

Some days you just have to bite a table. - my cats love to chew tables, paper. pretty much anything nom nom nom nom

Minho & Newt Whitman :3 Minho would be the Tortoise shell Newt would be the…

Adorable Kittens and Puppies Photography for Productivity

Cats are truly an amazing animals and are considered to be amazing pets to have. Cats do not require a lot of attention, so they are the perfect pet if you are