Svolvaer, Norway >>> Is that the grinch I see up there??? :)

15 reasons why Norway will Rock your World.

The Northern Light over the marsh landscape with wildflowers Iceland. Soon enough you and I will meet.

16 Reasons Why You Must Visit Iceland Right Now. Amazing no. #12

Winter in Iceland should be on everyone's bucket list. The Northern Lights are just beautiful. The marsh landscape with wildflowers in Landmannarlaugar, Iceland, is just beautiful in late spring.

Aurora Borealis, Finland I have an obsession with this because of the song Above the Northern Lights by Manheim Steamroller which is basically the prettiest song ever FYI

Aurora Borealis by Pekka Parviainen - Aurora Borealis Photograph - Aurora Borealis Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Aurora  Taken by Truls Tiller on February 7, 2014

AuroraTaken by Truls Tiller on February 2014 @ Spaceweather said that it was a slite chance of aurora tonight and boy you where right. Took my car and went to a place called Lavangsdalen just outside Tromsø. BANG and the sky just explodet in auror

Colourful Aurora - so much beauty - so much grandeur. To me it is impossible to look at this & say there is no God or that it just happened by a Big Bang or some ameba!! Someone planned this!

Colorful aurora borealis sky night lights nature stars pretty colors amazing aurora borealis northern OH I LOVE AURORA BOREALIS


She always was so bright, whispers of the Universe, teaching me its for all of us. A Warrior of the Aurora, a light so colorful, her supernova stride leaves you always wanting more.

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