Alexandra Bianca Balaban

Alexandra Bianca Balaban

Alexandra Bianca Balaban
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Urban Fashion

Urban Fashion - Tap the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis

Typewriter Series #601 by Tyler Knott Gregson

I have blisters on my feet from dancing alone with your ghost - Tyler Knott Gregson (typewriter series

Funny Quote about Selfishness: A giraffe's coffee would be cold by the time it reached the bottom of its throat. Ever think about that? No. You only think about yourself.

Funny pictures about Interesting Giraffe Fact. Oh, and cool pics about Interesting Giraffe Fact. Also, Interesting Giraffe Fact photos.

You will never find me

And you still will regret your choice . I don't believe they'll think of me at all. They got their Happy Ever After. It doesn't include me, and it never did, despite their promises otherwise.