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Are your images being used without permission?

Are your images being used without permission? Here's some advice. - Aaron Roberts Photographer

Check out my latest blog post! We throw around the "copyright" term all the time in photography. It's why photographers put watermarks on their image, notices on their websites and for the most part, it seems to provide our images with some kind of protection. So this begs the question, what can we actually do, when our images are being used without our permission? #Copyright #CopyrightClaim #DMCA #FairUse #ImageUse #General #Photography #blog #aaronlroberts #alrphotography #romania…

Find more tv shows like The Romanians Are Coming to watch, Latest The Romanians Are Coming Trailer, The lives of poor Romanian people who seek work in Great Britain, seen through the eyes of the British people. Romanian People, Moving To The Uk, British People, Tv On The Radio, Thought Provoking, Documentaries, Tv Series, Freedom, Tv Shows

The Romanians Are Coming | Aaron Roberts' Blog

In February 2015, Channel 4 - a UK based TV station - broadcasted a new 3-part series called, The Romanians are Coming. When I heard about the TV show, I thought that it was going to be aimed at showing the benefits of Romanian migrants living in the UK and other EU countries, sadly I was disappointed. The only thought I could take away from this short-unfinished TV series was that they have just made Romania to look like a ridiculously poor, extremely underdeveloped country full of people…

Never think that the last time you saw someone you cared about won't be the last, we never know what can happen and we should do everything we can to make our

#Colectiv | Aaron Roberts' Blog

After checking out he R.I.P - Colectiv Facebook page, I can't help but feel that it's only in times of tragedy do we stop to think of how we act and how our actions affect those around us. So many innocent and beautiful people lost their lives at what should have been a fantastic and entertaining event.. but it turned bad and the toll of those claimed continues to rise.. It's a horrible reminder that life is so precious and can be taken at any moment for any of us, even you. People often…


Decisions | Aaron Roberts' Blog

I call this image that I used for the main post "Torn in Two - Which way to fall?" So following the tragic loss of life in Bucharest, it has given me time to think and re-evaluate my entire existence on this planet. I'm not saying that those events have given me a wake up call, needless to say it's been a long time coming, but it certainly give me a push in the right direction, or should I say.. a different direction. I've been in some form of relationship for the past 8 months, quite an…


Smile | Aaron Roberts' Blog

So, I thought I'd share some things with you about my life that even I didn't really know about until just over 2 years ago. Me and my Grandfather.. Firstly, I was born in 1990, this I already knew.. I mean.. that's what it says on my Birth Certificate. However, I wasn't born Aaron Roberts, I was actually born Aaron Lee Hudd. Hudd is the maiden name of my mother, when her and my Dad (or the man that I would grow up to be calling Dad) were married, I inherited his surname through registration…

2016 looks promising. News, Blog

New Thousand & 16 | Aaron Roberts' Blog

2016 looks promising.. this is why I am making these promises to myself.

Is it fair to say that editing and retouching your photos is cheating? Is editing really necessary and why are so many people ashamed or hide this?

Editing.. Is it okay? Should I be ashamed? | Aaron Roberts' Blog

So, I was recently talking with someone regarding somebody they knew who was also a photographer. I checked out their work and I was really impressed with the level of post-production that had gone into the final product. It had a really unique, classy feel to the photo.. quite hipster but very tasteful and in-line with what's currently popular.. so I said to this person, I would love to know how they achieved the final result, maybe what software they had been using or the sort of plugins…

It's My Birthday!

It's My Birthday! - Aaron Roberts Photographer

You can be who you want at any point in your life, it starts now and continues forever.

Last Day on the Job – Day 1

Last Day on the Job – Day 1 | Aaron Roberts' Blog

So, today was a bit strange. Started like any other day.. actually started better than usual. I arrived at work, feeling fresh and revived after a session at the gym the night before. Decided to stick to drinking water instead of sweet drinks and managed to consume 750ml just walking to work.. - Thumbs up Arrived at the office and started to do a little work. For those who didn't already know this, I'm not just a photographer, I do a load of different thinks and my "day" job is creating…

Day 2 – Feels like "The End"

Day 2 – Feels like "The End" | Aaron Roberts' Blog

Thanks VERY much to those who gave me tips, advice and reached out following yesterday's news. It's much appreciated and it's also very nice to know that there are quite a few people that are engaging with my blog and genuinely care! So, I must admit, last night I was feeling pretty down about the whole situation. I'd just gone from being quite comfortable about where I was going with my life to suddenly not really knowing anything. I applied for quite a few different positions in areas that…

 New Job, New Camera, Work Featured in a Mall, New Shoots.

So What's New? | Aaron Roberts' Blog

So.. New Job, New Camera, Work Featured in a Mall, New Shoots.. So far this year is pretty neat!...

Salina Turda is an impressive salt mine, converted into a super-impressive underground world located around miles) outside of Cluj-Napoca. Spa Treatment Room, Spa Treatments, 13th Floor, Underground World, Main Attraction, Great Pictures, How To Take Photos, Pathways, Geology

April | Aaron Roberts' Blog

It seems that every year always has something amazing to remember, this April was one that I will never forget!

Beware of the Perverts!

Beware of the Perverts! - Aaron Roberts Photographer

Photographers are turning up everywhere these days! How to you know who's the pros and who's perverts?

The flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is sometimes called the Union Jack. This red, white, and blue flag was first used in .

BREXIT - My thoughts and Opinion

What a bloody mess. We knew what would happened if we stayed... but nobody knows that will happen now we've left.

For 4 days, Cluj-Napoca was transformed into the Capital of Night and Magic with Untold Festival. Here's my experience as a photographer for this awesome event!

My Untold Experience | Aaron Roberts' Blog

Sorry it's been some time since my last post, it's been a VERY busy few weeks. I've moved to a new place, been taking a few shoots and on top of that, preparing and photographing Untold Festival! This post is primarily about Untold and I'll dive into the move and everything else in another post some other time. So, first thing's first.. Here's a link to the entire Facebook album: Click Here For those who have no idea what Untold Festival is all about, I suggest you either start Googling…

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