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It’s easy to forget that our grandmas were young once. But just because they don’t know who Drake is or can’t figure out how to use Instagram, doesn’t mean they weren’t cool in their time!

30 Photos that show why grandma is the coolest

Yup... definitely cooler than me.

The ocean is home to so many incredible creatures and organisms. Even though we’ve only explored 5% of the world’s oceans, we continue to be fascinated. To think marine wildlife has an entire language they use to speak with one another is absolutely amazing. By using all kinds of clicks, squeaks, and songs marine mammals can communicate with one another.

Whales Breach The Water To Hear Woman Play

The best audience around!

The art and science of architecture extend so far beyond castles, palaces, hotels, and homes. Even chicken coops – yes, chicken coops – can be touched with strokes of architectural genius.

35 Amazing chicken coops that deserve a design award

So lavish!

Everyone is struggling with something in their life, but some people can struggle more than others. And often times, we see people struggling. Even if we don’t know them personally, it doesn’t matter.

Man Asking For Directions Buys Feast For Helpful Homeless Brothers

A beautiful and unexpected act of kindness.

When three engineering students from Colorado State University were told that they didn’t have to finish the build of their capstone project due to COVID-19, they knew that they were going to finish it anyways.

Students Build Swing For So Man Autism Can Enjoy His Favorite Past-Time

What these engineering students did for this man will warm your heart!

Are you tired of photos that people think look real but are actually fake? Photoshop is neat but there are times you just want something genuine. These photos may look fake but they are as real as can be. You won’t believe what our minds can do.

66 Phenomenal Things That Look Fake But Are Real

Are you tired of photos that people think look real but are actually fake? Photoshop is neat but there are times you just want something genuine.

You’ve seen sprawling mansions, modern apartments, stylish lofts, and the quaintest of tiny houses, but have you ever been given a tour of a home right on the sea?

Couple Gives A Peek Into The Peaceful Floating Home They’ve Been Living In For 29 Years

It comes with four greenhouses a dance floor and a unique feature that lets them fish indoors!

Phones are expensive, but they’re so common that many of us take them for granted. We let them fall from our pockets, leave them in restaurants, lose them on planes, and head off to the bathroom with our phones at the mercy of our obnoxious friends. It turns out people (and animals!) who find phones just can’t help but leave a little memento behind. Dinosaur History, Perfect Timing, Clash Of Clans, Thailand Travel, Cool Eyes, My Passion, Funny Posts, Lust, Cute Babies

60 Photos people saw on their phones that they are sure they didn’t take

People really need to keep a better eye on their phones!

It’s crazy to think of stuff from the 80s as vintage, but technically it is. According to Retro Kids, items that are at least 100-years-old are considered to be antiques. Items that are at least 20 years are vintage.

35+ Vintage Photos Of Celebrities That Will Make You Smile

These photos will take you back to the good old days.

Are you sick of having to wash your hair every single day? Wish there was an easier solution to keeping your tresses looking shiny and fresh instead of flat and greasy?  Good news, there is!

35 Tips To Keep From Washing Hair Every Single Day

My life just got easier.

If we’re lucky, at least once in our life, we’ll take a picture that is so perfectly timed, that you can see the story that is sure to play out. In this case, those stories end in disaster.

40 Photos Captured A Moment Before Disaster Struck

If we're lucky, at least once in our life, we'll take a picture that is so perfectly timed, that you can see the story that is sure to play out.

Going to prom is one of the biggest events in our young adult lives.  Teens throughout the world have been devastated over the cancellation of their proms due to coronavirus.

7-Year-Old Finds Out His Nanny Couldn’t Go To Prom So He Plans Surprise Prom In Her Honor

There was dinner, dancing, and the two even took prom photos.

Pallets are often completely overlooked as building materials. Most of the time, leftover pallets from a construction job are just tossed in the trash. However, with a little creativity, it’s amazing what can be accomplished. That’s what hobbyist woodworker, Paul Nowak, from Sheffield, England proved recently when he built an entire bar out of them.

Man Builds Incredible Pallet Bar In His Garden For $112

He turned discarded pallets into a beautiful outdoor drinking area.

Not all of us are fashion experts. This is why we try to experiment and mix and match clothes to see if we can look more stylish. Unfortunately, the more we try to look more fashionable, the more we end up failing. The risky fashion choice we make often leaves us looking ridiculous and weird in other people’s eyes.

50 cringeworthy fashion fails we can’t believe people didn’t notice

Do they own a mirror?!

Some say we all have doppelgangers. People that look exactly like us. And for some people it’s true.

50 times people found their doppelgänger in the weirdest place

The resemblance is uncanny!

If you spend any time on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, then you’ve seen probably hundreds of jokes, memes, and other postings about the effects of the Coronavirus on people stuck at home. While some individuals have adapted quite well to their new environment others are going stir crazy.

50 hilarious ways bored people are entertaining themselves at home

Stop the boredom as these people did.