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Alina Annarien

Alina Annarien
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Fingon son of Fingolfin, by ironhill

if it's about the elves, i'm here for it, whether laughing at the ridiculousness of them or genuine and non-ironic delight at how badass they can be.

Finrod by Angel1802.

Finrod Felagund, one of the most skilled of Elven minstrels, in purple, green, and gold playing his harp beneath the starry sky.

Finrod by Niyochara.

semi quicky Finrod from The Silmarillion, i trying to draw his face in Dragon Age's elf face style Findarato Ingoldo

Glorfindel and Ecthelion by Annamare.

WIP - the wedding of Tuor and Idril. Maeglin Glorfindel and a bit of Ecthelion Statue of a maia (The middle of the pic and the background are still unfinished & a mess)