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USMC M1A1 Abrams firing

US Abrams tank fires its main armament during a live fire excersise.

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Humour league of legends Find a lot of and

League of Legends Pretty much sums up the roles in League.

League of Legends Pretty much sums up the roles in League. (I mostly play mid)

Thresh- League of Legends

Thresh- League of Legends Más

I`ve seen the DOTA 2 get fit workout so I figured I`d make one for League players too.

League of Legends workout

M4A2 (76) HVSS Sherman Tank

M4A2 (76) HVSS Sherman Tank

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‘Winya Poster by Winya

M48 Patton Vietnam

Mang Yang Pass 1971 tank of Cavalry LZ Action 1971 - Photo by Michael Belis

American Prototype Tanks | Dismal Failure or Technological Marvel?

The American super tank was still in the planning stage when the Second World War ended. Amazingly, this beast, which was fitted with a main gun, wasn’t even the smallest tank in the works. Only two of the tanks were ever built and neit

M-26 Pershing (USA)

M-26 Pershing (USA)