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many anime characters are posing together in front of an image with the caption thank you
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❌Los personajes no son míos❌ ✅ La historia es completamente mía, cua… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad
an anime character sheet with various poses and expressions for each character in the story,
I really love natsu as character and his facial expressions I want to learn about the more so yeah man do I want to learn Japanese
two anime characters one with horns and the other without his head in her hands, both looking at each other
an anime character with pink hair wearing a scarf and holding two white balls in front of his face
a black and white drawing of a boy with short hair wearing a scarf on his head
an anime character with pink hair holding his head in one hand and smiling at the camera
YASS NINJA NATSU LOL I love him :) Anime Art, Awesome Anime, Fairy Tail Tumblr, Fairytail
an anime character and his cat are standing next to each other
Natsu and Happy
an image of a cartoon character running with a cat on his back and holding a pillow
Natsu y happy
an anime character with red hair holding a dog
"You stole something that was precious to me."
a drawing of a man with his face covered by another person's hair and makeup
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Immagine di boy, anime, and manga
an anime character with brown hair and white eyes looking at the camera while holding his hand on his shoulder
Fairy Tail Obsessed
ilovethefuckinganime: “ ““Until most powerful monster, have moments of weakness” ”