Jimin was born in Busan. Then Kookie was born. Then Jungkook copied him. Jungkook loves his hyung so much, he even copies his studying style.

There's something wrong with this boy... XD BTS - JHope

J-Hope pls

You know just the daily life of the Bangtan Boys. Just relaxing in a hotel

Dug the Dinosaur

Dug the Dinosaur >>> OK, the lawn dinosaur thing is weird enough, but what Dug's people do with him is freaky funny


But seriously isn't every member that way xcept for Channie? I ship Chanbaek:) (and Satansoo will destroy Baekhyun someday haha) <----True

aw :') I'm not sure if I should laugh or get ready to fight ice and gravity (ง'̀-'́)ง

aw :') I'm trying not to laugh but the more I watch it the funnier it gets. sooo sorry Tae Tae love you. hope you weren't hurt>>> I am Tae here. I fell SOOOO many times the last time I attempted (and failed at) ice skating

At least we know you tried :)

Omg i'm from finland hi just wanted to tell you that im 12 and yes im speaking english but i suck so yeah

In which V's face is worth a $4 discount.

How to get discounts: Bring cute korean boy with you and when I mean cue asian boy I mean any kpop boy