Dug the Dinosaur

Dug the Dinosaur >>> OK, the lawn dinosaur thing is weird enough, but what Dug's people do with him is freaky funny


siendo una mala influencia para being a bad influence on Jungkook /// Bad jiminnie making baby kookie do weird stuff


But seriously isn't every member that way xcept for Channie? I ship Chanbaek:) (and Satansoo will destroy Baekhyun someday haha)>>I love BAEKHYUN suuuuu much

aw :') I'm not sure if I should laugh or get ready to fight ice and gravity (ง'̀-'́)ง

aw :') I'm trying not to laugh but the more I watch it the funnier it gets. sooo sorry Tae Tae love you. hope you weren't hurt>>> I am Tae here. I fell SOOOO many times the last time I attempted (and failed at) ice skating

In which V's face is worth a $4 discount.

How to get discounts: Bring cute korean boy with you and when I mean cue asian boy I mean any kpop boy

At least we know you tried :)

i was like shriveling from secondhand embarrassment when i watched this poor Tae


savage af huehuehue (think it's jimin's revenge on namjoon coz he got lots of jams)

This fandom needs help xD

This fandom needs help xD


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Omg.. they're never gonna let this go

I was like what even is this abt. J-hop, Sugar and not to mention Jungcook are also my faves Charlie!