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It shows his pain. Sasuke was always kind hearted it was just all his pain dragged him to the darkness and there was no one there to pull him out, but then came Sakura. He loved her since the beginning she pulled him out of his pain and the darkness

I've always had a soft spot for Sasuke. No matter what he did or felt he had to do I was sympathetic to all his pain.

That's not a new information... but now there are so many people... not possible to kill them ALL!

--------------------------- Anime : attack on titan/ shingeki no kyojin --------------------------- Go watch it! ~ funimation is telling you to watch it ~

I NEED TO GET THIS RINGTONE AND PUT IT SO IF MY BROTHER (who I call Armin all the time, which he is a lot like Armin) CALLS ME I WILL HEAR HIS SCREAM

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ahh his scream as my ringtone .so every time someone's calling i'll hear his wonderful scream ❤ FUN FACT . Fact from : 💞 - Character : Armin Arlert Anime : Attack on Titan - [