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1.Toy Bonnie 2.Bonnie 3.Bonnie 4.FNaF2 5.Mike 6.Phantom Foxy 7.Toast 8.Smike 9.Pink Guy 10.Toy Animatronics

Bonnie I don't have one Phantom Chica Fnaf Mikey Phantom Foxy Toast Markiplier Purple Guy/Vincent Withered <<< Marionette None All the ones from FNAF 4 FNAF 3 Mikey Phantom Marionette Toast Markiplier Purple Guy Withered Animatronics

open it,if you can :D

FNAF 2 in a bottle by on DeviantArt~~~~~ Nightmares in a bottle. I love FNAF, but it`s freaking creepy<<<<Bonnie and Chica sitting in a bottle k-i-s-s-i-n-g

soooo trueee

I AM AN OTAKU! ( the actual term is computer freek but whatever.


xD i dont know why this is so funny!but toy freddy is adorable and this is…