Toledo Restaurant

Toledo Restaurant
59 Aurel Suciu Street, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania / Toledo is a Mediterranean restaurant located in Cluj, Romania. We use the finest ingredients to create authentic flavors that will delight you every single time
Toledo Restaurant
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Your favorite sip of Italian summer begs to be brewed all year long.

stock photo : Lemon liqour (limoncello) in glass on natural background.

Grape Harvest

wine and candle centerpiece

I love these things; a bottle of wine and some good cheese and it would be complete...oh and someone to share it with!

lavender, olive oil and olives

Mediterranean #interiordesign #mckeeco

Old wooden box to place bottles of wine

Drinking A Glass Of Red Wine Is The Same As Getting An HOUR OF EXERCISE, Says New Study and Our Wildest Dreams

Dear red wine drinkers: I have wonderful news. A new study says that drinking a glass of wine can equate to an hour of exercise. I repeat: Drinking a glass of freaking merlot could be just as good for you as an hour of working out at the gym.

Mediterranean Home Wine Cellar with mural tile.

Wine Cellar Art On Tile Mural - mediterranean - Wine Cellar - Other Metro - Compassionate Arts International


The best local olives & oil

A Wet Bar with Wine-Inspired Decor is the perfect touch to my Mediterranean-inspired Better Homes & Garden Dream home. Vino anyone?

Wet Bar with Wine-Inspired Decor Boards from wine crates decorate this bar area.

beautiful still life by Loran Speck

Fine Art Tapestries Wine Bottle With Grapes and Walnuts Wall Tapestry, Beige

Invented centuries ago to help beat the Mediterranean heat, sangria is simply a fresh fruit punch made with a wine base.

Combine your favorite summer fruits and rosé wine into a pitcher and you have our rosé wine sangria recipe!