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31 Stunning Rustic Mason Jar Centerpiece With Pine Cones, Candles And Wooden Table Number

00063_10, Afghan border, Peshawar, Pakistan, 1984, PAKISTAN-10188. Quissa Khawani Bazaar, the Market of Storytellers, Peshawar, Pakistan, 1984. MAX PRINT SIZE: 40X60 MCS1984005K053, NYC134799 The Imperial Way_Book The Great Railway Bazaar_Book retouched_Sonny Fabbri 11/04/2014

Quissa Khawani Bazaar, Peshawar, Pakistan “Where the World Meets”. Buying and Selling in the World’s Bazaars, Souks, and Markets

woven straw umbrellas National Geographic December 1984  Steve McCurry

kicker-of-elves: woven straw umbrellas National Geographic December 1984 Steve McCurry. think of heart shaped umbrella hats

Photo : Steve Mc Curry #powerflower <3

Flower Seller on Dal Lake, Kashmir, India. Photography by Steve McCurry



Rajasthan, India. (Photo by Steve McCurry)

Child, Rajasthan, India - Photography by Steve McCurry - Eloquence of the Eye

the nickname for the city Jaipur is Pink City and its not for no reason. The buildings in the main streets of this city were all painted pink since 1800s.This boy was cooking for a gang of beggars sitting behind him (about 50 people I think). Everyone gets a chapati and a curry dipping and they ate them on the street.

joyful food prep in India : Pink City by zane

Preparing Masala tea, Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal...There are many things which go into making some thing a Food Worth Eating, or drink worth drinking ...with Who, What, Where, When,Why and How are all part of the story. Suffice it to say, I would drink this tea on the spot, for sure!

preparing Masala tea, Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal ---> Himalayas 2010 the train to Darjeeling and the man at every stop that would say CHAI-COFFEE!

Nice blogpost about Infographic of India Facts by mowpages

If you want to visit and amazing country and volunteer, think about India

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Holy Cow, India ★ ♥ ♡༺✿ ☾♡ ♥ ♫ La-la-la Bonne vie ♪ ♥❀ ♢♦ ♡ ❊ ** Have a Nice Day!