Tiberiu Teodor-Stanciu

Tiberiu Teodor-Stanciu

Tiberiu Teodor-Stanciu
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Motif: Geography - The East egg represents the old aristocrats and the West egg represents newly rich. The valley of ashes represents moral and social decay

New York City Map Poster by Nina Simone Wilsmann from Vienna, Austria who works with Corporate Design, Grafik Design, Web Design und Illustration. Links to Vienna Map in same collection.

Tokyo - Bento Graphics

Inspiring digital artwork and design and ideas. Adore this design and all it's colours. The orange and blue illustrations are perfect together.

1897 map of central London - Shoreditch and Bank

1897 map of central London - Shoreditch and Bank. One of the best SS projects my students and I did was to create imaginary towns. The students and I negotiated a rubric after studying our textbook, they set to work, and we all enjoyed their efforts!