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October 31, 1979 by julvett on deviantART

Hey guys, here's that Lily/James comic I've been promising (for a few months now.) It was for a fest on livejournal, and I didn't realize I could only post it here once the reveals were over, which.

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Not to mention y'all seem to adore Snape, who also couldn't get over a woman he loved who also died. At least Cho didn't call her love a mudblood and join a supremacist, terrorist group that wanted to eradicate innocent people.

Why Not Cho Chang? part 1/2 // cho chang, Harry Potter, hp, Marietta edgecombe

The reason I don't like Cho Chang is because, after the battle of Hogwarts, Harry was walking past everyone and Cho started to wink and flirt with him. Like wtf? Tons of people died and all you can think about is getting in his pants.

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Just a reminder, a big reason they didn't like her was because she talks a lot about herself and sometimes acted full of herself. But she really didn't deserve how they treated her. She was bombing.


The concept of Harry with a snakey companion has been fic'd if anyone wants to read it. Not my work, but figured I'd share. oh and read the tags. It's a Drarry fic and pretty AU in case you prefer yo

Confused me even more if I'm supposed to be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Can I be a mix? Haha. -Paige

Confused me even more if I'm supposed to be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Can I be a mix? -Paige >>> Well I guess we know where I am. Slytherin, but all this time I thought I was Gryffindor

As a Ravenclaw I will have to start doing this.

I got sorted into Ravenclaw, and my biggest fear is not being able to get into the common room b cause I'm too stupid to answer the question >>just be a smart-ass about it