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Lenovo Vibe Z3 Pro images reveal the best camera-smartphone ever

First camera phone from Lenovo company called Lenovo Vibe shot. Lenovo Vibe shot has a camera with a BSI sensor, three different color LED flash

Former GM CEO says Apple has no idea what it’s getting into with the iCar

Cool Apple furture products: three concept at what an Apple iCar might look like. Car designs from Brabus and Franco Grassi.

Motorola tells Ive how it is: Apple is outrageous

Watch the Stocks Technical Analysis Video for AAPL and MSI and get all the important trading levels for week commencing Sept - My Trading Buddy

Games are more popular than apps thanks to IAPs

IAPs seem to be the biggest source of revenue for mobile game developers, while mobile games will lead the mcommerce industry this year.

Sonic Decanter promises to make wine age and ultimately taste better

Sonic Decanter promises to make wine age and ultimately taste better - Tech Gadget Central

Samsung is planning to cut back next year

The first Samsung smartwatch came out in and since that time, the technology company has become the number one filer of wearable tech patents.

Mobile devices get Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare app

CoD Advanced Warfare Offering Free Digital NewGen Upgrades - Activision is sweetening the pot when it comes to bridging the generation gap between Xbox and Activision is counting on boosting holiday season sales of CoD: