Classic style

15 Classic style outfits to inspire you - StyleInstitute.

Casual style

Casual style is comfortable, friendly, with low maintenance clothes. The casual style woman prefers loose fitted clothes, in soft fabric. Layering is part of h.

Edgy style

Steal a look from these 16 edgy style outfits - StyleInstitute.

Fashion Forward style

Your guide to Fashion Forward style in 13 outfits - StyleInstitute.

Bohemian style

Bohemian style is one of the most versatile ways of dressing. It includes loose pieces of clothing, large or rectangular dresses or blouses, bell trousers and.

Glamorous style

Glamorous is the style of sultry women. They are confident, they flaunt their sex appeal, they never go unnoticed and are in the spotlight, be it a party or a b.

Lady like style

With pleats, lace, ruffles, soft colors and neutrals as hits of the season you can easily add a bit of lady like grace and elegance to your work or casual looks.

Smart casual

The art of smart casual dressing at work in 15 outfits - StyleInstitute.