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Owari no Seraph - Hyakuya Mikaela & Yuuichirou / Mika x Yuu by 吉子 on pixiv

[Owari no Seraph] Mika x Yuu -Mika is beyond gorgeous. Yuu is so lucky. (If Mika wasn't in this anime I probably wouldn't watch it)

★♪ Ch♥upin♥u Sekai ♪★ MikaYuu

Sorry, guys. It's doesn't seem to be up to interpretation. MikaYuu is at least one-sided!

MikaYuu is at least one-sided!// I really do think that Mika lives Yuu but I'm still working on how Yuu feels about Mika

Yuu x Mika

Yuu x Mika >>> honestly this is the summary of ons

Yasssssss  listen to Mika

Yasssssss listen to Mika