Fitness exercises at home

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8 Exercises to Reduce Shin Splint Pain

Do you struggle with off and on shin splints? These exercises will help you manage your pain, while also preventing another injury in the future.

Slimfit Waist Trainer

This revolutionary new Waist Trimmer helps you train your waist into the perfect shape! It's remarkable feature to function as a Mobile Sauna around your waist helps you speed up weight loss pr...

Printable Taping Instructions

Need intructions on applying kinesiology tape? We have printable instructions, so you can apply the Kinesiology tape properly every time.

Spud Inc Pulley Systems

Spud Inc. Econo Pulleys Spud Inc.’s light and portable Econo Pulley sets create an instant, customizable lat pulldown machine within your existing rack or rig—with a total load capacity of up to 550LB. These pulleys are made in the USA and are compatible with Rogue’s Monster Grip Triangle Attachment. Customers can choose to order (a) the Triceps and Lat Pulley Set, (b) the new companion Low Pulley addition, or (c) both sets as a complete package. What’s Included: Triceps & Lat Pulley Set (1)…


20-30 Minute HIIT Workout - Full Body (No Equipment)

Check out this amazing, full-body workout! You don’t need any equipment, just you and 20-30 minutes of your time depending on the level of intensity you choose.

Ab exercises to incorporate to for that rock really hard stomach muscles, click the pin-impression info 472502137… – Lemon – current

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How To Tape An Ankle Sprain | STRAPPING TAPE This is a demonstration of how to tape the lateral ligaments of an ankle sprain with Kinesiology Tape. Kinesiology Tape is gre...