Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law

Robert and Jude. Can I get in between?

The Best ❤Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law (Watson and Holmes) Sherlock Holmes❤

Zac Efron wearing Brown Leather Boots, Grey Jeans, Navy Military Jacket, Violet Scarf, and Green Crew-neck T-shirt

Cam Gigandet

Farewell letter from

Cam Gigandet-- a guy in a suit is always more attractive. but this guy doesn't need the suit.

james marsden

Boss Tweeds

James Marsden is so sexy! And I love this GQ ad.ahhh tweed suits are so hot on guys! More guys need to dress like this

oh my holy goodness.

Farewell letter from

Boys, you should wear your glasses more often -- Mark Ricketson and everyother girl.

Giovanni Bonamy

classic black eyewear,the oversized full-rim plastic frame is the favorite of celebrities.


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La collection Alain Figaret automne-hiver Well he's pretty hot, good enough reason to pin for no reason.