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The secret to great pasta sauce? The cooking water. Save a cup of the pasta's cooking water before you drain it, and add the water to your sauce as needed. The starch in it helps the sauce adhere to the pasta creating a creamier, flavorful final product.

LOL So True!

So true, mom thinks I am limited and feels bad for me. I would love to see her switch to a vegan lifestyle so she can see we eat all kinds of food and were actually more limited before.

Damn straight it won't be!  ✨ #vegan  @taneeka_annice

Go VEGAN ♡<< Plants are creatures. No matter what you eat your body will be a tomb. And it's nearly impossible to actually eat no animal products, bc there's cow in everything

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This Friday the Ali Ryland tackles 13 myths about veganism, demonstrating that some commonly held beliefs are mere superstition.

Don't even try this argument with me.

A common excuse humans use to justify eating the flesh of murder victims (meat) is "like lions, humans were born to eat meat." We're not lions and we weren't born to eat meat.