Robert Eckardt
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Einzigartiger Hocker im Industrial Look von StahlmanufakturWind
timber frame awning
Lots of storage
Upgrading Your Garage Workshop
Great idea for a jig to flatten a slab of wood that won't fit in a planer. Jig slides along pipes while the router does the cutting.
Miller - Welding Projects - Idea Gallery - Air Tool Rack
Quick air-tool storage rack
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So two beautifully made and finished drawers. They slide perfectly on our unique Teflon slide system. Our Prado 150 drawers are lighter and internally larger than any on the market. Each drawer comes with a carpeted divider, that can be screwed in place. Custom made to the exact size of the truck… External drawer size is 1060 wide, 930 long and 275 mm high.. (height can be changed)
Grinder and Abrasive Disc Storage by rdsk8ter -- Homemade wall-mounted grinder and abrasive disc storage solution fabricated from flat bar stock. Grinder holder is notched on one end to support the tool. The bottom portion of the holder has been formed into a shelf to hold the cord.