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Rebecca Radd
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I don't know if that's true... I don't think I have ever made a person mad... RIGHT??

When shorty is fake mad. a hug from behind, kiss on the neck, and talk shit to make her smile 💜💙

Oh yea my pain will be gone after I finish my drugs. I make sure to ruin your life in the long run

"And I have experienced both of these personalities in completely different people. Strange how a one Gemini can be a dream come true and another one can be your worst nightmare" - depending on who you are, this is me.

I'm saying just one thing, my friend sat next to me and was bursting out in laughter while looking and mw and says " yo , did they meet ya or what is going on " yeah i think that sums it up pretty well ^^'

Oh my gosh but I get so embarrassed in awkward moment, I just turn red and try to make awkward conversation