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1,253 Pins
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Harry Potter

318 Pins

Ron Weasley

126 Pins

Hermione Granger

200 Pins

Luna Lovegood

120 Pins

Fred and George Weasley

20 Pins

Bill Weasley

6 Pins

Charlie Weasley

7 Pins

Cedric Diggory

30 Pins

Cho Chang

16 Pins

Severus Snape

103 Pins

Lucuis Malfoy

20 Pins

Horace Slughorn

6 Pins

Colin Creevey

3 Pins

Albus Dumbledore

24 Pins

Draco Malfoy

37 Pins

Sirius Black

13 Pins

Filius Flitwick

4 Pins

Vincent Crabbe

7 Pins

Percy Weasley

6 Pins

Ginny Weasley

16 Pins

Remus Lupin

14 Pins

Gregory Goyle

3 Pins

Nymphadora Tonks

13 Pins


7 Pins

Tom Riddle

8 Pins