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I think this photo looks like januz miralles' work but gives a more realistic feel. I think it is interresting how this could be interpreted as smoke or a cloud giving two very different impressions of emotion.

Surreal, Trippy, Fascinating, Compelling are a few words that come to mind when viewing the animated gifs of George Redhawk, aka DarkAngelØne. He uses the static work of other amazing artists and brings an entirely new life to.

Inscrie in galerie cea mai frumoasa fotografie realizata de tine in 2015 cu orice aparat foto digital, indiferent de tema abordata, si poti castiga noul Nikon D500!

A new bill in Pennsylvania sets out actions first responders can take to save pets overheating in cars, and allows officials to charge pet owners.

Waiting for Charon by Ambar Elementals on 500px

Photo manipulation based on my own stock gallery!

Waterfall on the rocks by scamelie on 500px

Waterfall on the rocks by scamelie on

Straight ahead! by scamelie on 500px

by scamelie

Beautiful sunset by scamelie on 500px

Photograph Beautiful sunset by scamelie on

Out for a walk by scamelie on 500px

Out for a walk - Pinned by Mak Khalaf Nature fogforestgrassgreenlightpolemountainmountainstraveltreeswalkwalkingwoods by scamelie