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I think maybe I need a guinea pig. maybe we both need guinea pigs. And then we can do photo shoots together with our guinea pigs. I think I'll name mine Gwendolyn.

A Day In The Life of Amelia The Hedgehog   Best Of The Web | Design*Sponge

Small, cute animals like these hedgehogs just go to show that God has an appreciation for cute things just like we do! His sweetness shines through these creations

Watercolor hedgehog Woodland nursery Animal by zuhalkanar on Etsy

LINE BOTWIN "girly illustrations" Lets make your little ones room warm and enjoyable! This My friends prints collection features a set of 4 prints from my watercolor animals .

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Definitely an opportunistic eater, Hedgehogs is one of the most interesting pets nowadays. But, how much do you take care of them? And, what do hedgehogs eat?

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