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"People who cannot bear to be alone are generally the worst company." ~ Albert Guino

A glance over the shoulder a whisper in the mist, an echo through the trees. Spirit travelers, shamans and tricksters. As surely as his paddle slices the surface, he knows he is not alone. Poem by Wintercove Paddler in the early morning mist.

Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki

Oh please, one more day aaa sad artworks, it's been a long time Hope you'll like it ; Et la fleur fana


I love her to death! Why in the hell do they not put her more in :re though? I feel like the manga reeeeeally doesn't keep us updated with Touka at all, which makes me sigh. Kaneki x Touka

A peaceful time: Malik and Kadar discuss literature late into the night while Altair sleeps.