Comfortable chair which can be combined with a matching sofa bed. Use it as a separate chair or as a chaise to put up your feet.
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Innovation Fluxe Chair

Bed size 70 x 200 cm. Chair during the daytime and a bed at night. Get the most out of your floorspace with this multifunctional fluxe deluxe daybed.

Clubber chair with armrests gives you a great comfort

The Clubber chair is the perfect match for the Clubber sofa bed. This versatile chair lies flat and can be used as a chaise lounge or as a stand alone chair. Part of the Innovation Istyle collection, and available from Innovation Living Melbourne.

Long Horn Chair

Chair size 115 x 85 cm - Long Horn deluxe chair provides a double solution as either chaise lounge or additional chair Long Horn sofa bed modular system.

Innovation Living  Asmund Chair 115 x 90 cm

Innovation Living Buri chair 115 x 90 cm - An adjustable chair that you can turn into a chaiselong.

A chair designed for Clubber sofa bed

Our Clubber chair is a multifunctional addition to the Clubber sofa bed set. Designed for small living areas in order to serve multifunctional needs.

Recast Plus Special chair - a mid century design

A Mid-century styled chair, designed for the Recast Plus sofa bed. The sofa is equipped with a 10 cm pocket spring to ensure a maximum level of comfort.

Splitback chair with oak legs

Splitback Frej chair with oak legs

Innovation Living Modi Chair 115 x 90 cm

Innovation Living Modi chair 115 x 90 cm - An adjustable chair that you can turn into a chaise lounge.