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Anastasia Stroilescu

Anastasia Stroilescu
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he's just too damn adorable in this moment *swoon*

Benedict Cumberbatch so I don't really pin pictures of people much, and I've never agreed with the Sherlock fandoms idea of cumberbatch being the most attractive man ever. BUT DANG HE LOOKS GOOD IN THIS PHOTO.

Link,The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword artwork by Jon Lock.

Link (Modern) by jonn-lock (Though really, He'd be dressed in his usual attire and almost no one would bat an eye.

Hair tips and tricks

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Haahahahahahahaha oh my gosh. is effie + Peeta shippable? nahh.. that is gross

Haahahahahahahaha oh my gosh. is effie + Peeta shippable? that is gross<----- haha i ship Peeffie! jk still ship everlark (everdeen and Mellark), and Peelee (peeta and kailee)