Two kinds of people.

Like a bunch of little kisses….

Funny pictures about Baby Starfish. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Starfish. Also, Baby Starfish photos.


Anime's For Kids. This is so true. People who have only watched on anime show think they know all about it. Anime is soooooo not for kids.


*VIOLENTLY HITS BUTTON* I really don't see anything bad with this, like at all. Except for that fact that I have to choose 1 anime and 1 character

Chitanda is almost Oreki Hotarou's soulmate, lol. Hyouka

Chitanda is almost Oreki Hotarou's soulmate, haahahaha favourite scene

AHAHAHAHAHA OH MEHN YUURI YOU ARE WRONG - he just wants to fuck yuuri

Don't be scared people it's just Victors hormones acting up🙃

I don't even know why I'm laughing

Actual footage of me and my friend on a day to day basis


Funny thing after i know Hetalia : How I giggle so much when reading international page of the morning newspaper and when a serious international news is on the TV. Families and friend is serious, I giggle XDXD <---- that is true

They'll get over it soon. Or Makkachin will go straight back to Yuuri.

doodlesonice: “wild guess who wins more than of their arguments ”

calm down my beautiful little drama queen viktor

Fun fact: The person who voices Viktor in the English dub voices Russia from Hetalia, who also has platinum hair.