And all I can think is Titan...

Anatomically correct art…

Funny pictures about Anatomically correct art. Oh, and cool pics about Anatomically correct art. Also, Anatomically correct art.

((The bartender is just gawping in pure shock and awe from being in Levi's presence. Don't worry. That happens to everyone.))

Wonder what Levi was like when he was a child. Wonder why it's the wings of freedom. Also, why do the titans eat them they don't need to. How did the titans even come to be.

I'll pass you the knife, Levi

I Love Levi And Hanji's Friendship Hanji Would Be The Ereri/Riren Shipper<<<< she will be the Phichet of this fandom (yuri on ice joke)

Attack On Titan : Titan No Smashing

SNK(Attack on Titan) & Dora crossover. One of the best pictures i have found in a long time. Dora the Explorer titan

LeviHan family | Levi Ackerman x Hanji Zoe | Attack on Titan / Shingeki no kyojin / AoT / snk

Attack on Titan - LevixHanji - I SHIP IT!The baby's face is hilarious XD just like daddy


I bet there are some guys like us girls. Guys can also react to the gorgeous girls, as can we girls react to them

Hey guys can you hear that? Can you hear the sound of my heart crumbling?

Attack on Titan ~ Eren & his Mom - this honestly made me cry it's so sad making me think that poor eren died I lost it and broke down in tears. No I do not have an attachment to eren, mikasa, arimin, or Levi (yes I do)