family/genus: caradae sideris | home planet: dyyg el rhaaben

each of the creations have been given fictional personalities that correspond to a family/genus and home planet, narrating a story of these species' past incarnations in various parts of the universe.


Liron Gino. Vibeat devices enable deaf people to experience music

Liron Gino designs Vibeat listening devices for the hearing impaired

Move by Giorgetti. Armchair designed by Rossella Pugliatti

Giorgetti ash and leather Move rocking armchair by Rossella Pugliatti, from



maverick cult

Madonna by Makerie Studio. Amazing paper layered and cutout dress and halo. Photographer Luke Kirwan, published in 125 Magazine.

maverick cult

Don't be afraid to stand out! Everyday plates and cups become spectacular with the eye-catching colors and patterns in the IKEA GILTIG limited collection created in collaboration with fashion designer Katie Eary!