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Martina Casarrubios-García

Martina Casarrubios-García
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Sirius Black beyond the Veil Tears being shed, no biggy.

Beyond the Veil by *Avender on deviantART Sirius Black and James Potter reunited again! So Harry saw Kings Cross because that was where he could escape from the normal world to Hogwarts. Sirius escaped from Hogwarts to his friends.

He isn't a heartless bastard!!

This was a deleted scene in the final Harry Potter movie. In the book, as The Dursley's are leaving Privet Drive, Dudley tells Harry that he doesn't think Harry is a waste of space.


Look at Rons face!>>> I swear, in every fanart I've seen where Harry and Ginny are doing something – no matter if it's kissing or this – Ron's face never disappoints.