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River: You sometimes just wanna kill your boyfriend ? I got that feeling once.

A Tribute To Doctor Who - Meme Center -- haha River: You only get to see your husband once a day? That must be a killer on the relationship. /s< Best thing I've read today.

Well I mean technically ford has a PhD so he’s a doctor

I can see that nerd watching Doctor Who and getting REALLY into it. Like, he would invent something new, and name it after something from Doctor Who. XD<<<I'm that nerd

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But first, let me take a selfie #MeganHoliman

IT'S A SELFIE. technically its not a selfie because the doctor isn't the one taking the photo.

How many ways are people going to use this line? ;] The more you do it, it just strengthens the sound of Matt's voice in my head when I read the word cool....

Well I have a Harry Potter board and a Doctor Who board. I guess this will have to go on my Geek board haha

Perfect! Doctor who cat regenerations

Doctor who cat regenerations except for the last one I quite enjoy him on the show and as you get to know his character you find that he is witty and very funny// Agreed, I prefer the owl

Captain Jack had tea with me. That must be very classy...

Doctor Who birthday game. Comment your result? Rose lived in a house with me. Donna ran away with me. :) Yay, I get to stay with my favorite character.<< Donna Marathoned a show with me!

Image result for may the fourth be with you doctor who

Image result for may the fourth be with you doctor who

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan