Madalina Ioana Pasca

Madalina Ioana Pasca

Madalina Ioana Pasca
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Earths Crust

Geological Time ©Dylan Gibson, There’s a a way to remember all those names: Camels Often Sit Down Carefully Perhaps Their Joints Creak (Perhaps Effective Oiling Might Prolong Perfect Health)

not liking the colors so much, but there is a lot of info and feels pretty good.

Designs for secondary coverage: I love this because it incorporates a lot of information with just the right amount of visual elements. We could morph this into a really cool spread on virtually any topic. Love this poster design

Store Cat. Aardvark Books. San Francisco, California

Aardvark Books, the perfect place for the Steadfast Sleuths to brush up on their reading.