The many Faces of Dean Winchester. I read it as (from top left to right) sexy-funny sexy-funnier sexy-sexy-sexy-OMFG-sexy-sexy-sexy-awww Dean-sexy.

Jae when Charlie gets injured during training. Jae's not always the gentlest person, but she means well.

first thing you taught me oh and that size does not to determine the smart mouth"he said smiling.

Son of a Bitch! Jensen Ackles - Supernatural - Dean Winchester

Son of a Bitch! Jensen Ackles - Supernatural - Dean Winchester---I can basically name each episode or say what was going on in each scene

Imagify ze wszystkiego. Wpadł mi taki pomysł do głowy i zamierzam wci… #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad


Does my board have too many SPN gifs? [I'll never have enough spn pins or spn gifs]

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I want Jensen to play the President in something like Independence Day 2 were the movie is really serious but you have those Will Smith comedy moments but it's Jensen as the President

XD He looks so done.

One of my favorite scenes. I love the fact that Cas's expression never changes and Deans brilliant eye-roll.

Umm hella yes #deanwinchester #sexy #spn #supernatural

((Open RP, be Dean)) I open my eyes slowly and rub them till I can only see swirls and colors. I turn on my other side and Dean's lying there.

Oh Dean, how i love you!

Clarification is the key. A figurative key, of course, because clarification.

Supernatural Imagines

I stand behind Dean and grip his hand. The demon notices and says "Dean, I never knew you had a soft spot for angels. Mmm, what a shame." Dean says "You got no idea you spikey bastard.