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DIY Hamster Toys because i'm a geek!

DIY Hamster Toys : great for rabbits, a bit more than pushing down the two sides without cutting

hamster swing ~ made with craft sticks

Build a platform swing set for your hamster, rat or guinea pig! Glue four Popsicle sticks into a square, assemble the Popsicle sticks into an A-frame for either side of the swing set and glue another

Hamster Training - Teach your Hamster to Trust You

Hamster training - Teach your hamster to trust you. Don't feed you hamster through the cage, it'll lead to nipping if you put your fingers near the cage.

Hamster Toys and Games - Make a Bridge for Your Hamster

Get a cardboard box and flatten it out. Cut into strips as long as you want them, but make sure they are wide enough for your hamster to walk on. Glue pieces together and secure it to the cage or play box.

Hamster Training - Do Not Disturb your Hamster..not only will it get annoyed and possibly bite but that can destroy the trust it may already have for you

Hamster training - Do not disturb your your hamster when s/he is eating, washing itself, sleeping, etc. Not only will it get annoyed and possibly bite, but it can destroy the trust it may already have for you.

it's funny because back when Justin bieber was becoming popular all the other girls were all about him but I was just like "okay I'll be over here then playing pokemon... yep."

I learnt how to do these see through pokeballs with a tutorial on DA, obv i couldn't resist creating these images :'D I caught a Vaporeon!


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