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Kim Sara

United State / Kim Sara from US ually spends time with hobbies which include recipes and cooking.
Kim Sara
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Smarter faster better : the secrets of being productive in life and business / Charles Duhigg. Recommended by Elizabeth, Emerson R. Miller Library (West Newark), (April (Five Stars)

Where to find cafes like this. Cafes whereby I can sit down enjoy smelling, sipping coffee and devour desserts in peace, not caring a hoot about the stressful world.

Barista Parlor does what corporate chains like Starbucks only dream of doing: offering both fantastic signature coffee paired with perfect plates of inviting food.

Lemon Chicken Romano - this is one of my favorite ways to make chicken! Its so flavorful and delicious!!

*something different from the chicken parm I always make* Lemon Chicken Romano - this is one of my favorite ways to make chicken! It's so flavorful and delicious!

The Best Fudge Brownies...Oh i have been looking for making brownies form scratch and now i have found one i want to try...oh cant wait...

The Best Fudge Brownies - This is the brownie recipe that will end your search for the perfect brownie recipe once and for all. It's lusciously dense, rich, chocolaty, crackly topped, and artery clogging. ADDING MORE FLOUR WILL MAKE BROWNIES CAKE-LIKE

The recipe just uses a slice of grapefruit,  cucumber, a tangerine, 2 peppermint leaves, water and ice. You just mix all of the ingredients together in a pitcher and then drink it throughout the day.

Effortless Weight Loss - Get in Shape With Dr. Oz's Fat Flush Water - Fat Flush Water Ingredients, per 1 pitcher Water 1 slice grapefruit 1 tangerine ½ cucumber, sliced 2 peppermint leaves Ice Directions Combine ingredients in a large pitcher.